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Energy Mix

The 99 reactors in the United States produce approximately 20% of the nation’s electricity. The Department of Energy projects that U.S. electricity demand will increase 25% by 2030. That means the U.S. will need about 35 new nuclear power plants to maintain nuclear energy’s current 20% share of generation.

As the global need for clean energy grows, nuclear power is the only energy source with near-zero carbon emissions that has been proven capable of reliably and sustainably delivering the energy needed by our industrial society.

Increasing nuclear power’s share in the national energy mix will improve air quality, reduce dependence on foreign oil, decrease volatility in electricity prices and save hydrocarbons for other uses.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Electricity Data Browser. These data were accessed in December 2017.



A smart energy policy is critical to America’s future. If that isn’t reason enough to watch this video.

Know Nuclear

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