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The nuclear community has an established framework for communicating current and emerging policy issues to decision makers on Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch. The American Nuclear Society has identified an ongoing need for basic nuclear science and technology literacy on the Hill for staffers who may be unfamiliar with the science behind the politics. Unfortunately, U.S. nuclear laws and policies are still shaped by common misperceptions, not based on technical facts and scientific findings, which often lead to unnecessary delays and expense in developing and deploying new nuclear technology.

The Center’s “Nuclear 101” Nuclear Science and Technology Fundamentals program offers congressional staff a basic overview of nuclear applications in energy, medicine and industry. The program, comprised of five 90-minute briefing sessions, is conveniently held on the Hill. The sessions are taught by select American Nuclear Society members who are chosen both for their subject matter expertise as well as their ability to communicate complex concepts to an educated yet non-technical audience. The curriculum includes:

Session 1: The Basics of Radiation and Radioactivity
Session 2: How Nuclear Reactors Work
Session 3: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Session 4: Nuclear Nonproliferation
Session 5: Medical and Industrial Uses of Nuclear Technology

Registrants who complete the program receive an official certificate of completion from the Center. Please contact us for more information and to register for the program.

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