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National Nuclear Science Week

ANS supports National Nuclear Science Week coordinated through the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, a Smithsonian Affiliate.

The annual, week-long,  celebration is observed  this year from  October 20-24.

Each day of the week, participating organizations across the United States will promote different aspects of nuclear science:

You can find information on this site about all of the above topics by following the links above.

The National Nuclear Science Week website  also provides a rich assortment of curriculum assistance for middle school and high school teachers. The activities cover various topics as Energy, Safety, and Society.

The EnergySolutions Foundation has created tools for educating junior high and high school students about nuclear energy. Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Oh My! contains activities, labs, and presentations that encourage discussions in physics, environmental science, energy, and nuclear energy. The text and PowerPoint presentations in Nuclear Energy and the Use of Nuclear Materials encourages students to learn more about the subject of nuclear energy and the different ways in which the safe use of nuclear energy can benefit humanity. The book, Nuclear is Hot answers questions on nuclear energy, identifies the many applications of nuclear energy, and includes excellent photos. These tools are available for FREE download.

For additional curriculum ideas, please visit  the Classroom Activities section of NuclearConnect.

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