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Medical Science

Discoveries based on nuclear science have dramatically improved both longevity and quality of life. Nuclear medicine benefits over 35,000 patients daily in the U.S. in our hospitals and medical clinics. Here are just a few ways nuclear science has a considerable impact on current medical practice:

In addition, radiation techniques have played a key role in twelve of the last fifteen Nobel Prizes awarded for medicine and physiology. Over the past few years alone, great strides have been made by nuclear engineers and health physicists in the production of radioisotopes that are used for medical diagnostics and treatments.

Nuclear medicine and biology studies can lead to a wide range of challenging careers such as:

For more information on careers in medical science, visit the Radiological Society of North America’s public website,

Know Nukes

There have been many famous scientists and discoverers in nuclear history. Here is a brief history of those who have paved the way.

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