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2015 Nuclear Art Contest Winners



Thank you for participating in the 2015 ANS Nuclear Art & Multimedia Contest.

2015 theme: The World Needs Nuclear

We challenged middle and high school students across the U.S. to showcase their artistic talents and educate the public about the benefits of nuclear science and technology. From nuclear energy to space applications, students submitted memes and posters explaining why the world needs nuclear.

JUDGES’ CHOICE –1st place winner:  Parris Johnson (age 15, SC) was awarded an ANS Isotope Discovery Kit, a set of three CD-V 700 Geiger counters, a NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) Kit for Denmark-Olar High School’s science department, and a $100 gift card for herself.

POSTER: Parris Johnson

POSTER: Parris Johnson












FACEBOOK CHOICE – 2nd place winner: Richard Yang (age 15, MI) received one Geiger counter for Troy High School’s science department and a $50 gift card for himself.


POSTER: Richard Yang

POSTER: Richard Yang












The American Nuclear Society also selected the following honorable mentions:

Anna McCullough

POSTER: Anna McCullough (age 13, UT)








Porter Chase Riddle, age14, UT)

MEME: Porter Chase Riddle (age 14, UT)








POSTER: Ke’Ondrae Gilbert, age 15, SC

POSTER: Ke’Ondrae Gilbert (age 15, SC)












MEME: Krista Watts, age 13, UT

MEME: Krista Watts (age 13, UT)












MEME: Daniel Sellers, age 13,  GA

MEME: Daniel Sellers (age 13, GA)

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