The Center helps make the complex nuclear world easier to understand. We encourage and inspire fun nuclear education for K-12 students. Most of all, we help people learn the many benefits that nuclear science and technology brings to their lives – from their health to their safety and many conveniences in their everyday lives. Explore our site to find out what you may not know about nuclear!


Informing Policymakers

The Center’s Technology Fundamentals Program five-part Congressional Seminar Series provides those advising our congressional leaders with a comprehensive overview of nuclear science and technology and their applications in energy, medicine and industry. By becoming educated about nuclear energy, congressional staff members can make more informed decisions leading to non-biased, nonpartisan nuclear policy.


Empowering the Public

With support from companies and individuals across the nuclear field, the Center is already in action, including:

Moving the Media

The Center is building relationships with the media to offer them reliable experts and fact-checked resources that support an objective approach to writing about nuclear. It is our goal to  increase positive media coverage of not only nuclear energy, but other nuclear applications. Doing this will increase public knowledge about the benefits of nuclear science in their everyday lives.


Converting the Classroom

The Center develops teaching materials that put the basics of nuclear science and technology into the classroom while aligning with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We know science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in education is an important key to creating the kind of workforce our country needs. Our activities include:

Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World™

Created in collaboration with Discovery Education, the global leader in digital education,
Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World brings a suite of free, innovative curricular resources
to middle school educators and their students across the country. Designed to increase understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications, Navigating Nuclear provides educators with the tools to dig deeper into the role of nuclear science in fields like power generation, medicine, space exploration, food preservation, molecular science, and more. Learn more…

Teacher Workshops

The Navigating Nuclear Science: Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies workshop  is taught by trained nuclear professionals who volunteer their time to the Center.  This full-day, hands-on workshop is geared towards helping teachers create more exciting, interactive, and meaningful ways of teaching nuclear science in their classroom. To find a workshop in your area, please visit our events page.

Boy Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge Workshops

The Boy Scouts have had a merit badge for nuclear science since 1983 (previously the Atomic Energy Merit Badge).  Through the Center, ANS Sections partner with various organizations to host merit badge workshops across the country. Learn more…

Girl Scout Get to Know Nuclear Patch Workshops

The Center piloted a Girl Scout program in Chicago in early 2014. It has since grown throughout ANS Sections.  Our current goal is to help 1,000 girls earn the Get to Know Nuclear patch by the end of 2015. Learn More…

Know Nuclear

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