$1 million donation received for public outreach activities

When the decommissioning of the Carolinas-Virginia Tube Reactor (CVTR) in Parr, S.C., was completed in 2009, the way was cleared to dissolve Carolinas Virginia Nuclear Power Associates (CVNPA), the corporate operator of the reactor. The CVNPA board of directors had many decisions to make. However, one decision was easy: to donate the remaining assets to the ANS Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information.

The CVNPA’s corporate charter specified that if the corporation was dissolved, the remaining assets must be distributed to organizations “exclusively for educational or scientific purposes” related to “the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.” The Center was a natural fit. After finalizing the paperwork, CVNPA donated $1 million to the Center in December 2016.

In 2013, when the decision was made to donate the funds to the Center, the CVNPA board of directors included representatives from the three member companies at the time: SCANA, Dominion, and Duke Power. The Dominion representative was Gene Grecheck, who was also on the ANS Board of Directors. Grecheck, an ANS past president (2015–2016), was instrumental in bringing the Center to the attention of the CVNPA board.

“The Center has a specific goal of providing public information and outreach,” Grecheck said. “We had an entity specifically addressing nuclear knowledge, which made it a natural fit for the funds.”

Grecheck also noted that the CVTR, an experimental pressurized heavy-water reactor that operated from 1963 to 1967, played an important role in the development of commercial nuclear power. After the reactor’s planned test program was completed, its structures were used for other testing before the reactor was demolished. “It’s gratifying that now that its mission is completed, its legacy lives on,” Grecheck said.

The donated funds will support the ongoing operation of ANS’s public outreach, public policy information, K–12 education, and media relations activities. ANS will continue to seek additional funding to expand its programming.

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