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You can engage teachers, students, and others with the world of nuclear science.

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Your financial gift of any amount will support efforts across the U.S. to inform, engage, and inspire the general public to gain an understanding about nuclear science and technology.  There are both individual and corporate opportunities that will allow your gift to reach its potential.  Here are some ways your donation will help reach more people with the benefits of nuclear in our lives:

The simplest and fastest way to give to ANS is by donating online now through our secure online donation form or by calling (708) 579-8209.

Please make your check payable to the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

Mail it to:

Lockbox # 97781
American Nuclear Society
c/o Finance Department
97781 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678-9770


While all contributions are appreciated, the Center has established the following recognition levels:

2016 Corporate Giving Levels
$100,000 – Founder’s Circle
$50,000 – Ambassador’s Circle
$20,000 – Curie Giving Circle
$10,000 – Einstein Giving Society
$5,000 – Fermi Giving Society
$2,000 – Roentgen Giving Society

Numerous possibilities exist for donors interested in having their name associated with the Center programs and initiatives. Please contact Tari Marshall, Director of Communications and Outreach, to assist with the thought process and a formal gift agreement.

2016 Individual Giving Levels
$5,000 – President’s Giving Circle
$2,500 – Ambassador
$1,000 – Leader
$100 – $999 Friends

Who Funds Us


Founder’s Circle








Ambassador’s Circle
Dominion Generation*
Duke Energy*
Westinghouse Electric Company*

(*Five year pledges 2011-2015)



President’s Giving Circle
Donald R. Hoffman

Dr. Michaele C. Brady Raap

Eugene S. Grecheck
Joan and Tom Mistler

Friends of Nuclear
Gary and Cindy Ault
Todd R. Allen
Steven A. Arndt
Yousry Azmy
Edgar Berkey
Carol Berrigan
John W. Brister, Jr.
Heather Chichester
Dorothy R. Davidson
Paul T. Dickman
Ralph U. Elwell
Dr. Guy P. Estes
Robert C. Fine
George Flanagan
Katherin  L.  Goluoglu
Sedat Goluoglu
Dr. Hans D. Gougar
Dr. Martin L. Grossbeck
Margaret E. Harding
Gale Hauck
Elaine and Joe Hendrie
Angelina S. Howard
Dr. Darby Kimball
Dr. Andrew C. Klein
Jay S. Lan
William R. Martin
Roger Mayes
Dr. Corey K. McDaniel
R. Douglas O’Dell
Kenneth S. Petersen
Nancy L. Ranek
Ronald E. Reder
Luis Reyes
Albert Reynolds
Stephen P. Schultz
Francis Seymore
S. Christian Simonson
Dr. Charles O. Slater
Sandra M. Sloan
Jorge Spitalnik
Nicholas William Thompson
Tinh Tran

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