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Your financial gift of any amount will support efforts across the U.S. to inform, engage, and inspire the public to gain an understanding about nuclear science and technology.  There are both individual and corporate opportunities that will allow your gift to reach its potential.  Here are some ways your donation will help reach more people with the benefits of nuclear in our lives:

Annual Report_2016-coverThe simplest and fastest way to give to ANS is by donating online now through our secure online donation form or by calling (708) 579-8246.

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Thank You to Our Inaugural Center Corporate Donors 

ANS established the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information in 2010, thanks to the generous support from the following lead donors.

Dominion Generation
Duke Energy
Entergy Nuclear
Southern Nuclear
Westinghouse Electric Company

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Thank You to Our 2019 Donors 

The American Nuclear Society’s Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information is funded entirely by donations. We appreciate the generous support from the following donors.


U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy


Dominion Generation
Southern Nuclear

Up to $999
Black & Veatch
Savannah River National Laboratory


ANS Operations & Power Division

ANS Accelerator Applications Division

Nuclear Energy Institute

Up to $99
Hagley Museum & Library


S. Christian Simonson, III

Up to $99
John O. Aje
Hisham Albataineh
Osama Ebrahim Alzaabi
Wayne L. Andrews, Jr.
Takafumi Aoyama
Viorel I. Arimescu
Aaron Norm Austin
Sama Bilbao y Leon
Stuart R. Blair
Camden Eugene Blake
David P. Blanchard
Roger N. Blomquist
Cindy W. Bloom
Alvia E. Bridges
Jeffery A. Brown
Aaron Brunner
Amanda C. Bryson
William E. Burchill
Herbert Y. Cadoff
Charles Casto
Sacit M. Cetiner
Douglas B. Chambers
Peter H. Chou
Ondrej Chvala
James L. Conca
Frank Dennis Coon, III
W. Carlton Coppersmith
David A. Costa
Adrien Couet
Christopher J. Crosby
Brian Daley
Dennis R. Damon
Flynn Darby
Douglas A. Davis
Anthony Benjamin DeNardo
Matthew R. Denman
Teresa Dominguez
Joseph William Donahue
Floyd E. Dunn
Michael E. Dunn
Jacob Eapen
Robert G. Eble, Jr.
Norman R. Eisenmann
Margaret B. Emmett
Matthew C. Evans
Thomas M. Evans
Joseph Ferenc
Robert L. Ferguson
Chadwick V. Fernandez
Marvin S. Fertel
Detlef Filges
Stanley A. Fitch
Jason E. Floyd
Guido Franzoni
Cesare Frepoli
Richard E. Gadbois
Theodore Ginsberg
Katherin L. Goluoglu
William A. Goodwin
John D. Greenhill
Jason Frederick Grieser
Douglas Hambley
G. William Hannaman
Charles L. Heck
Siegfried S. Hecker
Kathryn A. Higley
Connie M. Hill
James S. Hobbs
Mark R. Holbrook
David E. Holcomb
Daniel A. Holladay
David J. Holt
David Huegel
Lander Ibarra
Evgeny A. Ivanov
Jose Antonio Jara Simon
Alan Jelalian
Nila Jennings
Amy Robin Jones
John H. Kessler
Jong H. Kim
Joshua W. Kleppinger
Brian Scott Kohler
Dan Kotlyar
Kurt L. Krueger
William P. Labbe, Jr.
Stephen P. LaMont
Nason Larry Lane
Collin M. Leavitt

John C. Lee
James Lew
Mimi H. Limbach
Robert C. Little
William A. Loeb
Sten Robert Lundberg
Calvin Luzum
William F. Lyon, III
James E. Lyons
Andrea Maioli
Maximillian Ram Major
Michael M. Mann
Ryan David McBride
P. Gregory McCarthy
John H. McGarity, III
Michael D. Meier
George Mesina
Aaron Matthew Miller
Rosemary Ann Montgomery
Jeffrey D. Moore
Heather E. Morgan
Mark M. Murray
William L. Myers
Shigehiro Nukatsuka
Sean E. O’Brien
Thomas P. O’Halloran
Jun Oishi
Jack E. Olhoeft
Jeryl Todd Oswald
John M. Palms
George Lee Pannell
Andrew J. Patton
Kenneth L. Peddicord
Kirk W. Peterman
W. David Pointer
Vladimir Pokorny
Richard A. Polich
Michael D. Quinn
A. Rene Raffray
Donald T. Reed
Ethan T. Reisker
Alex Resnick
John D. Richardson
Mike Riordan
Neil J. Roberts
Willis Barton Roe
Daniel C. Rouben
Michael Ruiz
Genn Saji
Hugh M. Satterlee
Kirk S. Schnoebelen
David D. Schwellenbach
Alex Selwaeh
Shambhu K. Shastry
Mike S. Singh
Victor L. Sterner
Craig Stevenson
Dion J. Sunderland
Attila Z. Szabo
William J. Szymczak
Evgeny A. Taskaev
Bill R. Teer
Brent Thalasinos
Earl S. Tomlinson, III
Nicholas W. Touran
Richard R. Trewin
PavanKumar Vaddi
Luc G.G. Van Den Durpel
Pedro Pino Veliz
John Joseph Vossler, III
Michael J. Wallace
Lumin Wang
Yaqi Wang
Sandra L. Warren
Sandra L. Warren
Erin M. Wehlage
Kevin Weinisch
Alan H. Wells
Peter Byron Wells
Dexter A. White
David A. Wilson
Leigh Winfrey
James H. Winso
Ryan Thomas Wollaeger
Abdellatif M. Yacout
Philip Tat Man Yeung
Roger Zavadoski
Paolo Zilio
Terry L. Zimmerman

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